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About us

Who we are

The Northway Community Centre (NCC) is a registered charity 304344 managed by a voluntary board of trustees.

It is a successful vibrant community facility and resource centre which provides a safe and welcoming meeting place.

The centre exists to improve the quality of life within the local community by offering excellent services which provide a range of recreational, cultural and social opportunities.

In addition to this, our centre provides informal advice to visitors on a wide range of matters, signposting them to the appropriate point for further advice.

It is a place where people from a wide range of backgrounds come to socialise, learn and enjoy themselves.

We work in consultation and partnership with the local community as well as voluntary agencies to develop our programme. This assists in enabling us to respond to emerging needs and new initiatives.

Our aims
to provide a place to

  • House local clubs and volunteer activities

  • Organise local non-governmental activities

  • Use as a place of relief in instances of community tragedies

  • Pass on and retell local history

  • Vote during government elections

  • Inform the community on local activities and services

  • Allow community members (and sometimes others) to rent cheaply when a private family function is too big for their own home

  • Promote and advocate local group's needs

  • Make opportunities for more integration and inclusion between users

  • Maintain strategic relevance with partnerships, local authority and funding bodies

  • Host a range of low cost or free recreational, social and cultural activities that are accessible to local people in response to        their needs.

  • Promote and encourages learning, development and a stronger community.

  • Allow people in the community to meet and socialise

  • Improve the quality of life for the local community

Volunteering with us

We have a range of volunteering opportunities in the following areas:


  • Community outreach (befriending & caring for people in your community)

  • Communications and media

  • Energy efficiency assessment

  • Admin and office support

  • Community gardening

  • Arts & crafts

  • Events management

  • Children and young people support

  • And much more...

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